Notarization, Attestation and Commissioner for Oaths Services

B.Kay Law Office provides Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths services at very reasonable and affordable fee for any legal documents, such as:

  • Letter of Invitations for Visitor Visa and Super Visa
  • Travel Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad
  • Statutory Declarations /Affidavits
  • Certifying True Copies of Original Documents
  • Out of Province Real Estate Documents
  • Immigration / Passport Documents
  • Common-Law Union Statutory Declarations
  • Guarantee Acknowledgement Certificates
  • Any other document requiring Notary Public and/or Commissioner for Oaths services

If you require any legal services by Notary Public and/ or Commissioner for Oaths , please contact your own Alberta lawyer Bikramjit Singh to book an appointment to get these services. 

Phone: (780) 729 – 0007