Sponsor your adopted or to be adopted child

To adopt and bring an adopted child to Canada you must first complete the adoption process. Once you have completed the adoption process, you should then choose applicable process i.e. citizenship process or immigration process to bring your child to Canada. If you are planning to complete the adoption process in Canada, you can begin with the citizenship process or the immigration process before completion of the adoption process.

You can choose citizenship process if you were a Canadian citizen at the time of adoption and able to pass on Canadian citizenship by descent to your adopted child. In case of a couple adopting a child, at least one of you must be a Canadian citizen at the time of adoption.

If neither of you was a Canadian citizen at the time of adoption or you are subject to the first-generation limit to citizenship by descent subject to few exceptions, you must use immigration process.

If you are planning to adopt a child from outside Canada or inside Canada and confused about Canadian citizenship or immigration of your adopted child, please contact your own Canadian Immigration Lawyer Bikramjit Singh to schedule a consultation meeting to get step by step guide to make this process more understanding and smoother for you. 

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