How much is my personal injury claim worth?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries, you must have either come across or will soon come across this question “How much money is my personal injury claim worth?”.

There are numerous factors which your personal injury lawyer should take into consideration  to properly evaluate your personal injury claim such as:

  • How your motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries have affected your life and your family’s life?
  • Did you have any previous MVA injuries?
  • Whether the new MVA has aggravated your previous injuries and has caused new injuries?
  • How severe are your MVA injuries?
  • How these MVA injuries have affected your job duties?
  • Have your MVA injuries resulted into any temporary or permanent disability?
  • Have your MVA injuries limited your homemaking capacity?
  • Have you been unable to pursue your career goals due to your MVA injuries?
  • Have you been unable to continue your interests and hobbies due to your MVA injuries? 

It is highly recommended that you should settle your claim only if you have either

  • properly recovered from your MVA injuries or
  • if you have reached maximum recovery possible in your case.

There is usually a two-year limitation to file personal injury claim in a Court pursuant to Alberta Limitations Act or you will lose your right to pursue your personal injury claim.

There are various categories of damages or loss which can be claimed in a personal injury claim such as:

General Damages/ Non-Pecuniary Damages

These damages deal with pain and sufferings that you have suffered as result of your MVA injuries that is why sometimes these damages are also referred to as “Pain and Sufferings”.

Loss of Housekeeping/ Homemaking Capacity

If your MVA injuries have limited your abilities or completely disabled you to do your household work such as cooking, washing, cleaning and gardening etc., you may claim for loss of housekeeping/  homemaking capacity.

Future Cost of Care

If your MVA injuries require more treatments or follow ups in the future for your full or maximum possible recovery, you may claim your future cost of care.

Past and Future Loss of Income

If you have been partially or completely unable to perform your job duties due to your MVA injuries, you may claim for past loss of income. Similarly, you may also claim for future loss of income if you cannot continue your profession / job due to your MVA injuries or you have to retire earlier than planned due to MVA injuries.

Special Damages

If you have spent any money out of your pocket for treatments of your injuries or suffered any other financial loss due to your MVA injuries which can not be covered under any other head of damages, you may claim reasonable amount of your such expenses and other financial losses. 

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